The Magic of PowerPoint

A presentation instead of a thousand words

There is too much information in the world, so people filter out the excess. To make sure no one filters you out, you must grab attention. Study the composition, find your style, and choose exact words. Don’t talk about your ideas. Show them.

28 September - 28 September
About the course
The Art of Presentation

It’s a fail

A presentation with too much text, small print, and complex wordings is simply unpleasant to look at.

Powerful slides

How do you know that the presentation looks cool? It must turn heads. People will photograph, download, and share it. Have you ever seen one like this? If not, create it yourself.

About the course



Anyone can google pictures with those little white men. We’ll show you how to make your presentation stand out from the most boring ones. 


If a slide looks like a Wikipedia page, something is clearly wrong with it. You will understand how to present information without unnecessary words.

Additional functions

Learn more to make your presentation look even better. Morphing, converting to video and online PowerPoint alternatives.



April 30


online course with feedback
from the lecturer


26 lectures

Cost of education:
250 USD
Alexander Kucheruk
Former Product Marketing Specialist at Microsoft
Alexander Kucheruk
Former Product Marketing Specialist at Microsoft
  • Former supervisor of the Fedoriv educational project “Super People”
  • Worked as Product Marketing Specialist at Microsoft, launched Windows 10 and Office 2016 in Ukraine
  • Supervised TRC Lux advertising projects (total project value - 2 million UAH)
  • Participated in the countdown project to Euro 2012 (“Ukraine’s Most Important Clock”)
  • speaker at the Ukrainian Forum of Marketing Directors
  • 8 years of experience in marketing and sales
30 April, 19:00 UTC+2
Lesson 1
Online Workshop
Lesson 2
Presentation Structure
  • typical presentation mistakes
  • structure and its types
  • presentation creation
Lesson 3
PowerPoint Interface Overview
  • slide size
  • creating sections in a presentation
  • reusing slides
  • organizing objects and areas
  • basic grid and why you need it, how to use it
Lesson 4
Shapes and Layers
  • types of shapes
  • how to change a shape
  • round shapes or sharp corners
  • making a shape a rectangle or a curve
Lesson 5
Intersection of Shapes
  • intersection of shapes
  • cropping a photo in a curved shape
Lesson 6
Slide Design
  • 5 principles of slide design
  • Types of presentation styles
  • Composition of objects on a slide
Lesson 7
  • where to download fonts
  • how to install and implement them
Lesson 8
  • background in presentation
  • gradient and pictures
  • how to download and make them transparent
Lesson 9
Lesson 10
Photo Recommendations
  • where to find beautiful and modern photographs
  • which photos to use and which not
  • png image formats
Lesson 11
  • photo that will make a PowerPoint presentation better
  • how to replace and crop a photo
  • how to remove background in slides
Lesson 12
Icons, mockup
  • using icons in presentations
  • where to find and when to use them
  • gifs and live photos
  • when and where to use them
Lesson 13
GIFs, screenshots
  • screen video recording
  • where to find a gif
  • how to make a gif from a video
Lesson 14
Working with video
  • video in presentations
  • basic processing using PP
Lesson 15
5 rules for proper data visualization
  • overview of the main graphs and recommendations on how to use them
Lesson 16
Graphs, Diagrams, and Timelines
  • insertion + data binding - excel first then powerpoint
  • chart overview
  • creating a document with different graphs for PowerPoint
Lesson 17
Working with Tables
Lesson 18
Maps and Infographics
  • map sources overview
  • Piktochart, Canva, Crello
7 May, 19:00 UTC+2
Lesson 19
Online Workshop
Lesson 20
Presentation transitions
Lesson 21
  • incremental fading
Lesson 22
New Features of PP 2016
  • SVG
  • Design Ideas and Transformation
  • Table of Contents and navigation in slides
  • Voice recorder and online presentation translation
Lesson 23
Speaker Mode
  • presentation export
  • how to save a presentation, recommended formats
  • convert a presentation to video
  • links in presentations
Lesson 24
Collaboration and PowerPoint Add-ins
  • Pixton Comic Character
  • Mentimeter
  • Stock sources (free) 
  • pickit images
  • Emoji Keyboard
Lesson 25
Case Review
  • article analysis
Lesson 26
Public Speaking
  • how to make a presentation
  • preparation before and during the performance
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Inna Chut

My skills:

  • working with structure
  • processing large amounts of data
  • working with graphs and data visualization
  • creating templates
  • selecting images, videos, and gifs
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